Archaeologists Converge on Jordan for WAC-7

The world’s leading international conference for archaeologists kicked off at the Dead Sea in Jordan on Monday with archaeologists from seventy countries taking part in the Seventh World Archaeological Congress (WAC-7).

At the Opening Address, His Royal Highness Prince Al Hassan Bin Talal welcomed attendees stating “You are meeting at the cradle of civilisation, the roots of ideas” and that “our colective heritage is important.”

He went on to advise the audience “Twelve museums have been destroyed in Syria. We need to work together to revive a concept of a regional heritage site.”

Over 1,000 participants will spend the next week at WAC-7 sharing scientific information about archaeology and cultural heritage.

Professor Claire Smith, President of the World Archaeological Congress, said on the decision to host the Congress in the Middle East for the first time “Jordan’s cultural heritage is of great significance to the world. We are delighted to be holding an international conference in Jordan at this time as it recognises Jordan’s stability but also sends a message about the world’s confidence in this stability.”

WAC-7 will run until Saturday, 18 January and the patron for WAC-7 is King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein of Jordan.

Photo: Professor Smith with HRH Prince Al Hassan Bin Tal at WAC-7.
Photo Credit: Eli Jenkins