Chat 2009 – Modern Materials

CHAT 2009

Modern Materials: the archaeology of things from the early modern, modern and contemporary world

Friday 16-Sunday 18 October 2009

How does the study of material things contribute to our understanding of the early modern, modern and contemporary world? What is the distinctive contribution of archaeology in these studies?

The 7th annual meeting of the CHAT conference group for contemporary and historical archaeology focuses on the archaeological study of Modern Materials from ‘small things forgotten’ to large and complex technological artefacts; and from discrete, single objects to large, disparate assemblages.

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– Keynote Speaker: Prof Nick Shepherd (University of Cape Town)
– Discussants: Prof Mary Beaudry (Boston University), Prof Laurie
WIlkie (University of California, Berkeley), Dr James Symonds
(Sheffield University), Prof Chris Gosden (Oxford University)
– Concluding remarks: Hedley Swain (MLA)

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