Howard University 2010 Conference

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Howard University invites you to the 2010 Departmental Conference in celebration of Black History Month.  This year’s conference is entitled “Windows from the Present to the Past: The Archaeology of Africa and the African Diaspora”.  It will be held from February 25-27, 2010 on the Howard University campus in Washington D.C. The conference will focus on the archaeology of Africans, African Americans, and people of African descent throughout the rest of the Diaspora.  This conference is designed to look at the struggles and triumphs of people of African descent, as well as the practice of archaeological scholarship focused on Africa and the African Diaspora.  The goal of this conference is to encourage people who work in Africa and throughout the Diaspora to share their research with the public and discuss new solutions to shared challenges. Many of the leading scholars in the field as well as promising new archaeologists will present their research.  We hope to inspire exciting new discussions between experts in the field, students, and the community.  The goal is to encourage more people to see the benefits of archaeology and recognize the importance of this particular past in American history.

Please join us for what promises to be an exciting conference.  See the list of presenters and the titles of their papers below.  Merrick Posnansky will give the Keynote Address and Susan McIntosh will be our Public Lecturer.  Dr. Posnansky’s address on Feb 27 will be followed by a show produced by the Howard University Theater of Arts Department.  Dr. McIntosh’s talk, on Feb 26 at 11 am-Noon, will be free to the public.

We encourage public participation for the entire conference and hope that you will gain inspiration from the variety of presentations.  Your participation will be a great contribution.  There is a small registration fee for this conference.  Please register by February 18, 2010.  The details are listed on the registration form below.  If you have any questions, please send an email to Dr. Flordeliz T. Bugarin, Committee Chair ( or or call 202-806-6853.


Agbe-Davies, Anna S. – Community Service: Towards a Truly Inclusive Archaeology Armstrong, Douglas – The Dynamic Household of an American Icon:  Archaeological  Investigations of Harriet Tubman’s Farmstead in Relation to Her Effort to Create a Home for Aging African Americans Barnes, Jodi – An Archaeology of Community:  The Materiality of Post-Emancipation Life Battle-Baptiste, Whitney – The Berkshires and the Burghardts: An Archaeology of Race, Gender and Labor at the W. E. B. Du Bois Boyhood Homesite in Great Barrington, MA Blakey, Michael – New York’s African Burial Ground after Nearly Two Decades of Work Brandon, Jamie C. – Silencing/Remembering African-American Heritage in the Arkansas Ozarks Bugarin, Flordeliz T. and Justin P. Dunnavant – Against the Tide at James Island: Bringing African Americans and Gambians Together to Preserve a Slave Trading Site in West Africa Bugarin, Flordeliz T., Kathrina Aben, and Patrina White – Understanding Nicodemus: the Meanings of an African American Past for a Collective Minority Present Crockett, Jake – Community Memory, Discourse Materialized, and the Manufacturing of History for  Archaeologies of the Recent Past Croucher, Sarah – African Consumers of the Nineteenth Century: Archaeological Approaches Jones, Alexandra – Silence Broken: The Story of Cabin John’s African American Community King, Eleanor and Violet King – Frontier Legacy:  The Role of Buffalo Soldiers, Apache, and Miners in Shaping the New Mexican Landscape Kusimba, Chap – Beyond Preindustrial Trade and Urbanism in East Africa LaRoche, Cheryl – Why Archaeology?  Race, Preservation, and the Unearthing of African American History Leone, Mark – The Archaeology of Wye House, Easton, Maryland Mack, Mark and Justin P. Dunnavant – Resurrecting the Memory of the Colored Union Benevolent AssociationCemetery in the Public Mind Mahoney, Shannon – Window of Opportunity: Charles’ Corner, Virginia, 1863-1918  Matthews, Christopher – Lonely Islands: the Dynamics of Culture, Poverty, and Race in an Afro-Native American Community in Setauket, NY McIntosh, Susan (PUBLIC LECTURER) – African Archaeology and “Civilization”: Re-envisioning West Africa’s Past [*Her lecture will be free to the public.  She will be speaking on Feb 26, Friday, from 11 am – Noon] Monroe, J. Cameron – Big Things Remembered: Material Culture, Landscape and Questions of Scale in the Archaeology of Atlantic West Africa Morgan, Martha E. – The Multivocality of Maghribi Metallurgy: Reconstructing the Meaning of Metals in Islamic North Africa Mullins, Paul R. – The Politics of Diasporan Shopping: Archaeologies of Race, Consumption, and Identity along the Color Line Norman, Neil L. – Vodun Economics:  Archaeological Investigations of Huedan (Whydah) Political Economy, ca. 1650-1727 A.D. Palus, Matthew – Connection with Infrastructure and African American Engagement with Government in Annapolis During the Twentieth Century Posnansky, Merrick (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) – Sankofa:  Looking Backwards and Reaching to the Future. Archaeology in Africa, Achievements and Obligations Shackel, Paul A. and Megan Bailey – New Philadelphia: Connecting Descendant and Local Communities in the Present and the Past Smith, Fred – Alcoholic Marronage: Alcohol and Drinking in the Slave Societies of the British Caribbean Stahl, Ann B. – Envisioning Communities in Africa’s Pasts Usman, Aribidesi – Urban Trajectory and Settlement Growth in the Yoruba Hinterland, North Central Nigeria Watkins, Rachel – Using Critical Race Theory to Understand Historical and Contemporary Processes of Racial Formation in Archaeological and Bioanthropological Practice Weiss, Lindsay – Diaspora, Apartheid, and the Modern Undoing of Belonging

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HOWARD UNIVERSITYThe 2010 Department of Sociology and Anthropology ConferenceWindows from the Present to the Past:The Archaeology of Africa and the African Diaspora

February 25-27, 2010


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