Sephis e magazine – New Issue 7.4

Dear Friends,

You will be pleased to know that the current issue of Global South Sephis e-Magazine has been posted at the website. Kindly follow the link-

We realise that the publication of this issue has been delayed by a few weeks. But we are sure that the combined effort of the ezine team and our friends from Cairo will be widely appreciated. This special issue is created out of the Visual Methodologies Workshop held in Cairo sometime back. Your comments and suggestions are always valuable to us.  Do feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with the editorial team.

This issue is heavy on visual content. At the same time this is the first instance where the ezine is carrying a video along with the pictures. You will get the video link in the second page of the first article, p. 10. It is an interesting ten minutes shoot by one of the participants and authors of the first piece. Overall this issue has attractions over and beyond the written, towards the sensory.

We are also pleased to inform you that Sephis is now on Facebook and LinkedIn! You can be a Sephis fan on Facebook and join the Sephis LinkedIn group, and stay informed about our activities, engage in discussion fora, connect with other people in the Sephis network etc.

We are looking forward to being in touch with you via these social media networks.

We look forward to bringing to you more interesting readings in the issues ahead.


Global South Editorial Team