UNESCO To Hold World Forum On Cultural Industries

Villa Reale, Monza (Italy), Unesco – The 1st UNESCO Forum on Cultural Industries will be held in Monza (Italy) from 24 to 26 September 2009. The new millennium has witnessed the rise in the importance of the cultural and creative industries. New economic development strategies based on creativity as a source of competitive advantage are taking shape. This context opens new perspectives and raises questions about the many possibilities for this booming sector.The purpose of the Forum is to demonstrate the potential and the dynamism of the culture sector that is measured not only in terms of its percentage of GDP, but also through its influence and ability to transform societies. Culture is a source of creativity and innovation that feeds the cultural industries, including crafts. It is not a sector of secondary importance; rather it constitutes a key component of the economy and is a source of employment, income, human and social development and international exposure.

Cultural industries, notably in the areas of design and fashion, embody a continuum between traditional inspiration, the fruit of identity, and modernity. They would benefit from being more deeply rooted in traditional know-how. Cultural industries must be able to give life to and be nourished by know-how through adapting to a changing world. In so doing, they can embody a constant dynamic of renewal.

By bringing together people from many different horizons, each bringing complementary experiences, this first edition of UNESCO Forum on Cultural Industries seeks to lay the foundation of a much-awaited encounter that may inspire ideas, projects and trends nourishing the evolution of the cultural industries.This Forum will also facilitate the creation of synergies and the expansion of new forms of cooperation for development in cultural diversity. Italy, and specifically the Lombardy region – renowned for its cultural industries – and the city of Monza, have agreed to support the funding and the organization of the First Edition of the UNESCO Annual Forum on Culture and Cultural Industries.