WAC Inter-Congress Receives Award

AC Inter-Congress in Vienna, Austria, ‘Archaeology in Conflict’ has received an award by the City of Vienna.  The organisers for this Inter-Congress were Dr. Friedrich T. Schipper, of the University of Vienna, and Magnus T. Bernhardsson, of the University of Iceland & Williams College, who is a member of WAC’s Taskforce on Archaeology and War.  This Inter-Congress convened in collaboration with the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield. The Website for the Inter-Congress is at:


Information on the award is available here.

Vienna is an international capital of conference business with thousands of events every year. Each year the City of Vienna identifies the most important and successful of those meetings to be honored. Recently, the City’s decision on the conferences in 2010 was published and the WAC I-C “Archaeology in Conflict” in Vienna in April 2010 was among those to receive an award. This WAC IC had been organized by Friedrich T. Schipper University of Vienna) and Magnus T. Bernhardsson (Williams College). Friedrich Schipper accepted the award in a grand ceremony, followed by an evening dinner reception, in the city hall on 5th May 2011.

The WAC Executive and Council would like to congratulate Friedrich, Magnus and their team on a job well done.