Student Paper Competition

Learning to write for a scholarly audience is a critical skill for transitioning from student to professional life

Learning to write for a scholarly audience is a critical skill for transitioning from student to professional life

The Student Committee proudly leads the WAC Student Writing Competition, an annual opportunity for student WAC members to submit and get feedback on their archaeological writing.

The WAC Student Writing Competition recognizes the best paper submitted by a student WAC member every year. The prize is intended to showcase original student research as an integral part of WAC and the future of the discipline of archaeology.

Papers are evaluated by the WAC Student Committee members (whose research covers a wide range of innovative archaeological practices representing diverse geographical perspectives) along with one member of the Archaeologies Editorial Board and one member of the WAC Executive.

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The quality and depth of scholarship presented;
  • The significance of contribution to archaeology;
  • The relevance to the larger goals and interests of WAC;
  • The effectiveness of presentation (including clarity and adherence to format).

The winner of the WAC Student Writing Competition will receive a citation from the WAC Executive, a 4 year membership to WAC, and guarantee of review for possible publication of the paper in a future volume of Archaeologies.

Previous competitions
The WACSC successfully organised the inaugural student writing competition for WAC-6 in Dublin. Prizes were awarded for the Best Paper and Best Poster with a runner up for each category. The winners were:

First Place Paper: Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels for “Trajectories of value: international heritage management of archaeology for the reduction of poverty”
Runner-up Paper: Jennifer Rodrigues for “The 1993 historic shipwrecks amnesty in Australia”
First Place Poster: Mathew Coller for “SahulTime: rethinking archaeological representation in the digital age”
Runner-up Poster: Shibutani Ayako for “Late Pleistocene to early Holocene plant movements in Southern Kyushu, Japan”

The Student Writing Competition was won by Hilary Soderland for “The ‘Burden of Affiliation’: Repatriation and Indigeneity within the Domain of United States Archaeology”.

The Student Writing Competition was won by Goce Naumov for “Together We Stand – Divided We Fall: representation and fragmentation among Govrlevo and Zelenikovo figurines”.

At the WAC-7 conference in Jordan, we again ran a competition for Best Student Paper and Student Poster. The winners were:

First Place Paper: Maria Victoria Roca for “Archaeology, heritage and development in two South American colonial sites: the Guarani-Jesuit Missions (1610 – 1767)”.
First Place Poster: Alaa Alrawaibah for “Exploring new narratives for preserving and presenting archaeological heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

The Student Writing Competition was won by Eric Guiry for “Developing a Multi-Isotopic Approach to Tracing Historical Animal Husbandry, Meat Trade, and Food Provisioning through the Analysis of Shipwreck Faunal Remains”.

Current Deadline for Submission: The 2015 competition ended 30 December 2015. Information about 2016 WAC-8 competition will be made available soon.

Submission Requirements

  • All candidates submitting a paper must be current WAC student members
  • Only previously unpublished papers will be accepted for the competition
  • The paper cannot be submitted for publication while under evaluation for the competition
  • Student applicants must be the single author of the paper
  • Although the WACSC recognizes that there are various presentation formats, to maintain consistency we ask that the paper be presented in English, double-spaced, with standard 1” margins, 12‐point font, and be 15-25 pages in length (including references cited and figures)
  • The paper should fit the themes and format of the Archaeologies journal, as described on the Springer website.

Submission Information
To submit you will need to email us two files.

  1. A digital copy of your paper, including references cited and figures (preferably PDF, DOC, DOCX format). Please note: there should be no identifying information in the paper to maintain anonymity amongst reviewers.
  2. A cover sheet containing the following information:
  • Your name
  • WAC membership number (indicated on a receipt of the payment of membership)
  • Rank/position and institution
  • Title of the paper
  • Postal mail and email address

Email your submission documents to: