Themes and Symposia for WAC4

Themes and Symposia for WAC4

Identity, Nationalism and Local Voices

Identity, Nationalism and Local Voices

S058EppersonUSAArchaeology, bioanthropology & African identity in the diaspora: theoretical & methodological advances (with Agorsah)
S052PluciennitUKArchaeology and the Left (with Hamilakis)
S091Bredwa-MensaCAMEROONAfrican identity and slavery
S047LaneUKSubordinate societies, local archaeologies (with Reid)
S044LilleyAUSTRALIAArchaeology, indigenous land rights and settler societies into the 21st century.
S074WheatonUSAAfrican American archaeology (with McCarthy)
S002PodgornyARGENTINAPost-colonial archaeology (with Rao)
S081SmithAUSTRALIAThe politics of practice (with Wobst)
S030SegobyeBOTSWANAThe archaeology of gender
S009SilbermanUSAExploring a shared past in the modern Middle East
S136MatungaNew ZealandArchaeology and indigenous issues
S400NelsonUSAIdeology, politics and national identity


Archaeology and Repatriation


S070FfordeUKRepatriation and its implications (with Parker & Hanchant)
S022HubertUKBody and soul, specimen and commodity: meaning, interpretation and treatment of human remains and funerary objects (with Rhodd).
S113McKeownUSACreating and implementing national repatriation legislation and policy (with Isaac)
S082TurnbullAUSTRALIACollecting, collections and the development of the ‘reburial issue’ (with Zimmerman)


Heritage and Archaeology


S063CarmanUKTheorising a realm of practice: research agendas in archaeological heritage management
S050JamesonUSAArchaeology and the National Park idea: challenges for management & public presentation
S102MerrimanUKPublic archaeology (with Schadla-Hall)
S077WitzSAMuseums, display, and the general public
S126TubbUKThe illicit trade in antiquities: destruction and response (with Brodie)
S600SeedenSWEDENHeritage management (with Palumbo)
S601BeckAustraliaHeritage management in developing economies
S001StoneUKWorld Heritage Convention: background and issues
S603ChildsUSAManaging archaeological heritage through collections, documentation, and databases
S092DavisICAHM: Global archaeology: national and international standards and guidelines (with Costello)


Cultural Resource Management


S110AziziUSAA curse or a blessing in disguise: is CRM archaeology’s future?
S032GribbleS. AFRICAMaritime archaeology: challenges for the new millennium (with Jasinski & Boshoff)
S040SchofieldUKMateriel culture: international perspectives on military remains (with Gray Johnson & Beck)


Education and the Past


S057EsterhuizenS. AFRICAThe form, physique and fitness of educational archaeology: is it working? (with Smith)
S043LockUKImpact of Information Technology on archaeology (with Smith)
S015StoddartUKDifferent approaches to archaeological visualisation (with Chalmers)
S128ChampionUKArchaeology in cyberspace (with Smith)
S079PrahSAThe Africanisation of knowledge
S014StoddartUKVisualisation in archaeology (with Chalmers)
S078ShepherdSAThe Africanisation of archaeology


Movement, Migration and Settlement


S099FarmanovaUZBEKISTANBukhara and world culture
S502BreuningMovement, migration and settlement (with Brukner)
S504SuttonKENYAThe archaeology of trade, routes and long distance contact
S506to be announcedChronological sequences


Early Humans


S069AmbroseUSAThe world at 100,000 BP
S055EvisonUKGenetics in archaeology
S007OtteBELGIUMThe Paleolithic: modernity, anatomy and behaviour
S095DavidsonAUSTRALIAThe emergence of mind
S507WadleySAHuman developments: ancient and modern
S501HendersonSAEarly human behaviour, technology and development


Early Farmers


S107BhattINDIAProto-numismatics in India and abroad
S094CrosslandUSAConsuming texts and traditions in the archaeology of Madagascar (with Radimalahy & Griffin)
S010MarciniakPOLANDEmergence of social complexity and its evidence in the archaeological record
S012TykotUSAOrigins, spread & significance of maize agriculture in the New World.
S131MaggsSAThe archaeology of farming communities
S116ThomasUKMaterial and symbolic landscapes


Archaeology and the Environment


S011BarkerUKAgriculture in arid environments: archaeological perspectives
S017GrattanUKCatastrophism, natural disasters and cultural change (with Torrence)
S020PwitiZIMBABWEHuman responses and contributions to environmental change in Africa
S132JerardinoSAMaritime adaptations in prehistory
S500SpencerUSAThe environment


Historic and Contemporary Landscapes


S024BenderUKContested landscapes and landscape of movement and exile (with Winer)
S106BrownUKHouse and home: the everyday life of historic objects in domestic space (with Gerrard)
S054MalmSWEDENDevelopment and everyday life of cities, villages, house and home as well as building techniques and processes.
S023MayneAUSTRALIA“Ethnographies of place”: the historical archaeology of Slumland.
S025PollardUKA rock and a hard place: perspectives on the archaeology of St Kilda, Scotland (with Morrison)
S124WardUSALandscapes and linkages: lineages of trade and contact in the Indian Ocean


Archaeology of the Modern World


S036BallUSAThe early immigration experience in global perspective (with Brown)
S068BeaudryUSADisregarding small things: the rush to global inference (with Symonds)
S035JohnsonUKThe archaeology of the British
S026LyonsUSAArchaeology of colonialism: comparative perspectives (with Lindstrom)
S114KnupferUSABattlefields and resistance to colonisation
S700KerseyUKHistorical archaeology: ethnography, oral history and “text aided” research


Art, Cognition and Beliefs


S046LaytonUKEchoes from Eco: authorising readings of art in the past (with Diaz-Andreu)
S105OuzmanS. AFRICAMindscapes
S133HubertUKThe mind and body in society (with Rowlands)
S018PriceSWEDENThe archaeology of burial, rituals and the sacred domain
S800SillarUKArt, cognition and belief (with Rainbird)
S019LevyUSAArchaeology of sacred places


Analyzing Materials


S061CraddockUKArchaeological gold, its typology, economic and technological history and trade (with Miller)
S051JacobsonS. AFRICAProvenance studies
S088TiteUKTechnological choice in ceramic production (with Sillar)
S098BrandtUSAThe archaeology of hide working
S130de Conçeicão RodriguesPORTUGALCeramics in archaeology


Archaeological Techniques


S067BewleyUKAerial archaeology: approaches to the interpretation of sites and landscapes (with Gojda and Raczowski)
S027O’ConnellUSATheory and practice in isotopic dietary studies: TAPIDS (withYoung)
S005MorrisSANew approaches to skeletal analysis